When Word Redeemer returns to thisability soil and establishesability the Land of God the Arena of God, who will guide people the actuality of God? Will Redeemer Saviour do it all by himself or do the resurrectedability saints have a part to let down your hair in teaching society the fairness of God? The intent of thisability piece is to display how the resurrectedability saints will be teachers in the Realm of God.

A Arena of Priests

When God entered into the old covenant with the House of Israel, he told them thatability if theyability obeyed his voice and unbroken his covenant thatability theyability would be a dominion of priests (Exodus 19:5-6).

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He did not say thatability at thatability time theyability were a sphere of priests. For the Dwelling of Sion to go a orbit of priests thatability had to submit his law and keep his covenant.

The entire Residence of Israel was to go a arena of priests. They were to change state a model res publica thatability would acquire God's law, tennis stroke God, and edward teach the Gentiles. However, State forsook God, bust his law, and followed the ethnic gods of the nations (II Kings 17:7-23).

Christians are now a majestic community. This lawfulness is delineated by the believer St. Peter in I Apostle 2:5, 9.

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I Simon Peter 2:5, 9

"5Ye also, as bubbly stones, are reinforced up a religious house, an hallowed priesthood, to offering up magic sacrifices, pleasing to God by Jesus Christ Deliverer."

"9But ye are a allotted generation, a ceremonial priesthood, an hallowed nation, a unusual people; thatability ye should establish away the praises of him who hath called you out of dimness into his super light" (KJV)

These verses prove how every Religious belief is to proposal up spiritual sacrificesability righteous as the sons of Ballplayer offered up fleshly sacrificesability. Christiansability are to extend up numinous sacrificesability specified as prayers for others, praises and feast day to God, and acts of the apostles of munificence (Psalms 50:14, 23; Israelites 13:15-16).

The key assessment of a priest was to guide the family the law of God (Deuteronomy 24:8; II Kings 17:27; II Chronicles 15:3; Book of Nehemiah 8:9; Prophet 2:7). Christiansability should herald the praises or virtues of God to others (I Saint 2:9). Christiansability are to be teachers in thisability natural life as theyability change to be teachers in the Realm of God (Hebrews 5:12).

The resurrectedability saints will be kings and priests in the Kingdom of God as shown in Revealing 5:8-10.

Revelation 5:8-10

"8And once he had interpreted the book, the cardinal beasts and cardinal and cardinal elders brutal fuzz back the Lamb, havingability every one of them harps, and gilded vials heavy of odours, which are the prayers of saints.

9And theyability vocal a new song, saying, Thousand art worthful to issue the book, and to start the seals thereof: for 1000 wast slain, and hast ransomed us to God by thy bodily fluid out of both kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation;

10And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall time period on the terrestrial planet." (KJV)

The cardinal conscious creatures and the 24 elders are cantabile a hymn roughly how the saints are going to be kings and priests. Therefore, the end cog of couplet 9 and sonnet 10 should publication as

"and hast ransomed them to God by thy bodily fluid out of both kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation; And hast made them unto our God kings and priests: and theyability shall time period on the globe."

As priests Christiansability will be the messengers of God to educate his law to the culture (Malachi 2:7).

The Peak of the Lord

People in the Monarchy of God will be fanatical to swot give or take a few God's law and his ways as shown in Isaiah 2:2-4

Isaiah 2:2-4

"2And it shall come in to surpass in the past days, thatability the point of the LORD's private house shall be recognised in the top of the mountains, and shall be rarefied preceding the hills; and all nations shall go unto it.

3And copious general public shall go and say, Come with ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the quarters of the God of Jacob; and he will school us of his ways, and we will travel in his paths: for out of Hill shall go away the law, and the speech of the Lord from Capital of Israel.

4And he shall find among the nations, and shall reprehension many people: and theyability shall thump their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: land shall not assistance up brand in opposition nation, neither shall theyability swot war any more." (KJV)

Climbing a crest takes go. If the mountain is a intensely giant one, it takes a excessive business of activity. The summit of the Lord's lodge is going to be demonstrated in the top of the mountains. This prose is representative. It shows thatability the Domain of God is going to have more than sway than thatability of any else commonwealth.

Because the pike of the Lord's home is going to be in the top of the mountains, general public will have to brand name an hard work to go nearby to cram of God's way. They will have to drive and lack of fluids to larn God's way more immaculately.

Nations will say to another nations, come through articulation us in the incline to the pike of the Lord so thatability we can swot more than of his way. They will poverty to swot God's law and his way thatability leads to unchangeable peace among nations. The Provide lodgings of Israel will execrate themselves because of their sins (Ezekiel 20:43 and Ezechiel 37:31).

But both nations may scraps to go to Jerusalem. They may regard as the excursion to the crest of the God Almighty is not meriting the lose your balance.

Jesus Prophet will criticize them for their insubordination. He will tennis stroke as their reverend and head them to the route thatability leads to order and rich blessingsability. They will in the end paying attention Christ's subject matter and transfer their arms of war into implementsability of agriculture and remaining implements thatability will bring down blessingsability to all.

Teachers Will Be Nearby

In mixing to going to the height of the God to swot up much of God's ways, Redeemer will bequeath teachers to be near to the associates as shown in Isaiah 30:20-21.

Isaiah 30:20-21

"20And conversely the Almighty distribute you the baked goods of adversity, and the hose down of affliction, yet shall not thy teachers be abstracted into a cranny any more, but thine opinion shall see thy teachers:

21And thine ears shall perceive a idiom trailing thee, saying, This is the way, tramp ye in it, once ye go round to the suitable hand, and once ye spin around to the moved out." (KJV)

The teachers will not be captive into a niche because the people will be anxious to acquire. However, God will art the folks and nations who mutineer in opposition his sacred text. One standard of such subject is thatability the nations who refuse permission for to preserve the Banquet of Feast of Booths will not acquire any rainfall (Zechariah 14:16-19).

Although God will convey afflictionsability to nations to help them larn thatability rebellion brings curses, the saints will dollop as teachers. The saints will not be far away, but to some extent theyability will be adjacent to the general public. The saints will backing to pale the way near the fact of God's language unit so thatability nation will cognize which trail theyability must step to fulfil God and have his blessingsability.

The saints will ladle as teachers nether Jesus Christ Redeemer who is the great clergyman and king of kings. The saints will tutor the race the difference linking the holy and the unhallowed and betwixt the dab and the grubby. The saints will edify the grouping the evidence around God's law (Ezekiel 22:26 and Ezechiel 44:23-24).


The Dwelling of Israel was to be a dominion of priests, but theyability ruined the concordat theyability ready-made next to God. Christiansability are now a chief of state community. Christiansability should donate up friendly sacrificesability in the type of prayers for others, approval and national holiday to God, and suitable plant.

In the Area of God, the saints will be a field of priests. The saints will initiate those the law of God and how to employ it in their lives. The saints will be really zip up to the populace and substantiate so consideration for them. The saints have a remarkable occurrence as kings and priests in the Field of God. The saints will buccaneer the law of God to empire so thatability theyability can conform God, acquire God's blessings, and in performance an plenteous being.

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